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       Flower dance world covers an area of 3,000 acres, is located in the southern suburbs of Chengdu Xinjin County, only 30 kilometers from Chengdu, the cherry-blossom viewing, play in the water and experience the low-carbon leisure national 4A level scenic spots.
       The flower dance world four main themes of flowers, the scenic seasonal flowers constantly. To see the spring azalea azalea, the summer tours lotus fragrance with autumn Mi Fang Ju full mountains, winter tour leaves stained storied. The flower dance world is Asia's largest artificial cultivation of azaleas showcase, with more than 130 varieties, carefully nurtured over 500 million trees and all kinds of rhododendrons, azalea vases, hollow cuckoo styles, azalea blooms, weeping azalea rhododendron flower varieties is unique in the world. Every Spring in March, Chengdu (flower dance world) Azalea Festival will bloom create Saatchi flower feast! In addition to the Four Seasons theme flower, scenic planted a large area of cherry, peach, pear, crabapple, tulips, hyacinths, cyclamen, camellia, magnolia, acacia, lily, Bougainvillea, cineraria, jasmine, bloom, leaves such as the opening sequence of ten million flowers, depending on the season, create Saatchi flower feast!
       If the flower is a flower dance world Technicolor Dreamcoat, and then the water is her blood. Elegant Mid-Levels Canal stimulate Forest rafting, as well as fun-filled "Drumming fountain", "Pearl Beach", as well as the plot of the Peak "sea of clouds" ...... flower dance world, beautiful scenery. Scenic embracing bushes and trees, water constantly, seasonal flowers, rippling water, picturesque dozens of attractions, both showed the landscape integration, one of the wonderful scene.
       Whirlwind tour of the area, a contrast with the flowers, blending with the King, like a flower dance world, people dance among the flowers beautiful picture!
       Adhering to the concept of "nature", the the flower dance world in the design Shunshan, sailing, homeopathy, developed under the premise of the protection of natural resources, leading the fashion of low-carbon tourism in the United Nations Sixth Global UN Forum on the title of the the scenic best examples of a global low-carbon.
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